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For Back Stage's Bistro Bits, John Hoglund wrote:
"Shimmering soprano Annie Hughes is back. In her recent series of shows, "Short Stories" at Judy's Chelsea, Hughes proved that she was worth the wait. Her voice never sounded better… she electrified the stage from opening to encore. This has always been one of the voices to be reckoned with (and recorded!) in cabaret. ...Annie Hughes is among that small number of performers destined to climb to the top in the music business."
Dec. 3, 1999

For Cabaret Hotline, Stuart Hamstra wrote:
Nov. 14, 1999
"Annie Hughes was scheduled to perform at the just a one-night booking before the club closed. I saw that show, and it was a delight. I am so happy to see this gal returning to cabaret after too long an absence. And with the team she has supporting her this time, I can assure you that these [upcoming] shows will be incredible.
July 24, 1999

For Back Stage's Bistro Bits, Roy Sander wrote:
"On a recent evening,...Annie Hughes did back-to-back shows at Eighty Eight's featuring material written for her over the years. Some of the songs were very funny, some were dramatic and striking, some were emotionally affecting, and some were bravura pieces. Hughes was consistent, though: wonderful."
May 28, 1999

For Applause Applause, Tree wrote:
"A voice, beauty, sense of humor and personality
all rolled into one person, Annie Hughes.
Definitely Four Branches Off The Ol' Tree...
Her voice is like an angel dancing over the tip of her tongue."
May 11, 1999

"Hughes has an incredible voice and knows how to use it…a stunning vocalist with a great sense of wit…Annie Hughes does one of the best shows in town."
~The New York Post

"She hits high E-asily."
~NY Daily News

"A glistening soprano voice paired with
a delicious sense of humor."
~Show Business

"A talent that can only be described as terrific…Don't miss her."

"She creates comic thrills with her trills."

"Absolutely riveting."
~Bob Harrington

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