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"Arne Fogel is one of the Twin Cities most interesting people -- A singer, musician, actor, composer, writer, producer, music-film-comedy and entertainment historian, collector and oral encyclopedia." --Bob Protzman, St.Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch "Fogel himself wears many hats and under one of them he is perhaps the Twin Cities' finest male singer of classic American popular song." -- Bob Lingner, Twin Cities Jazz Society "Jazz Notes" "Fogel does it all well, with grace, conviction, and a pretty good set of pipes!" -- William J. Schafer (Author of "The Art Of Ragtime"), Mississippi Rag "Arne Fogel's a part of the cultural weave of Minnesota......(His album's) song style is pure Fogel -- clear, simple and evocative songs from the '20s, '30s, and '40s." --George Monaghan, Mpls. Star-Tribune "What Fogel finds - and presents - could pass for audio scholarship as well as faithful preservation of pop culture before rock 'n' roll blew the lid off." -- Martin Keller, Twin Cities Reader "Fogel's encyclopedic knowledge of pop music shines....only someone steeped in the history of popular music could have come up with such gems, and mixed them with classics....." -- Tom Webber, Rochester Post-Bulletin "A veteran of A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, GOOD EVENING, and lots of other MPR shows, Fogel is conversant with early jazz, classic rock and roll, acoustic blues, novelty songs, and proto-R&B. He's a fella who simultaneously worships Bing Crosby and the Beatles, not to mention Louis Armstrong and the myriad harmonizin' sisters-and-brothers vocal acts of the war years." -- Tom Surowicz, Twin Cities Reader "As a performer, his songs delight audiences of all ages.......As an educator, he is one of the area's most knowledgeable historians about lyricists and songwriters." --Carol Simpson, Board of Directors and former Activities Chair, Twin Cities Jazz Society "Arne brings his talents as an actor and singer to presentations of the creative work of this country's foremost musicians.....His deep understanding of the context from which the music and musicians emerge provides a solid basis for sharing his affection and knowledge with his audience. I highly recommend Arne Fogel as an entertainer and an educator." --Marilyn Heltzer, Station Manager KCRB-FM, Bemidji, MN. Former Vice-President of programming, Minnesota Public Radio "Arne is a very good singer in the great tradition, who deserves to be heard.....His singing has its own distinct style and flavor, and he sounds like no one else." -- Michael Lund, Serendipidy Records
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------------------------------------------------------------------------ ARNE FOGEL: "A SINGER IN THE GREAT TRADITION" The voice is swinging, then subtle; the instrumental support is the finest available.... Arne Fogel is performing. These are the songs of the legendary "Tin-Pan-Alley" Era. The outstanding composers and lyricists of those times - people like George and Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael, Harry Warren, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Sammy Cahn, Jimmy McHugh, Jimmy Van Heusen, Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern, and so many others - created brilliant works that will live forever. Arne sings these songs the way they were truly meant to be sung, with "....grace and conviction," a ".....singer in the great tradition who deserves to be heard."

------------------------------------------------------------------------ VOCAL COLOR Arne Fogel's first "paid" singing performance was as a member of a neigborhood garage-rock 'n' roll band called "The Griffins"......a long time ago. A lot has happened for Arne since then: As a singer, Arne has had one of the most durable careers in the Upper Midwest. From the rock 'n' roll basements of the '60s to the most prestigious jazz venues of the '90s (The Dakota, Orchestra Hall, The Minneapolis Cafe, The Whitney Hotel, The Metropolitan, The Times, The Great Northern Supper Club, Weyerhauser Auditorium), Arne has grown with the times, and has made a definitive mark as a presenter and performer of the music he loves best - the classic pop of the Tin-Pan-Alley era. Along the way, Arne has stacked up a pretty formidable list of vocal accomplishments: Arne was chosen to be the very first featured performer for the Twin Cities' Jazz Society's concert series "Jazz From J to Z" in 1991. In 1994, the Jazz Society once again asked Arne to put together a concert for this series; the resulting production was the highly succesful "Pair-Shaped Tones - A tribute to the great songwriting teams of Tin-Pan-Alley". Arne's unique presentations of the songs and histories of popular music and entertainment figures have been a part of the annual "ARC Celebrity Gala" at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, The annual "Voice Trek Christmas Show" in St. Paul and other cities, the Bloomington Jazz Festival, the KBEM Mini-Jazz Festival, and numerous presentations at the University of Minnesota and other colleges, high schools, jazz fests, special events and community meetings.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ RECORDING ARTIST, SPEAKER, BROADCASTER Arne Fogel was a regular performer on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" for several years, and he continued his national singing appearances on such American Public Radio series as "Good Evening" and "First House On The Right." Arne is a veteran of over 1500 recording sessions as a singer on jingles, film soundtracks, corporate and industrial presentations, and records (including the Arne Fogel album "You Call It Madness"). Arne's performances benefit not only from his abilities as a singer, but from his warm, conversational, humorous manner as a speaker and host. These skills have been honed by his years in the field of broadcasting: For twelve years he produced and hosted his own series of special musical retrospectives entitled "Arne Fogel Presents" on the stations of the Minnesota Public Radio network, and he has been a frequent contributor to that network's popular "Morning Program" and "Mid Morning." Arne has been heard as a radio personality on Minneapolis-St. Paul stations WWTC, KTWN, and for over eleven years has been producer/host of "Bing Crosby On Record" on KLBB-AM 1400. Arne has appeared frequently as an actor on TV commercials for such clients as McDonald's, Knox Lumber, AT&T, Warner Cable, John Deere, Mall Of America, Kellogg's, Pearle Vision, and many more. He has appeared as voice talent in several hundred radio and TV spots.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ VERY SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS In addition to his regular solo presentations, Arne Fogel's specially-themed showcases (some of which have featured Arne alone, with others featuring as many as six additional vocalists) have included: "PAIR-SHAPED TONES" (A tribute to the classic songwriting teams) "THE NOMINEES WERE"...(Classic songs that lost the Oscar) "THE TIN PAN ALLEY ERA" "A SONG BOUQUET FOR MOTHER'S DAY" "FROM BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD" "30's SOMETHING" And upcoming...... 1946: "OH, WHAT IT SEEMED TO BE" "SONGS OF..." series (includes Berlin, Porter, Arlen, etc.) "Of all the things I've done professionally, the thing that I enjoy most is communicating with an audience -- whether it's on the air, in a concert hall, or in a small intimate club. I have deep regard and affection for America's great legacy of music and entertainment, and it gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to share this legacy with people." -- Arne Fogel

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