Arnold J. Olenick

An author as well as a songwriter, Arnold has four published books under his belt, another struggling to get published, and an autobiography in process. Two of the four are on small business management, the other two on managing a nonprofit. One of the first two has been translated into five languages.
If you think he's a rich, successful author, think again. These do not best sellers make! He has a day job: a retired professor from U. of Massachusetts in Boston. He's been an officer of three faculty unions in New York and Boston, an officer, board member or staffer of many nonprofit organizations.
Olenick has been writing songs--words and music--since he was about 21, and has a trunkfull. He has two sons, one a Boston attorney, the other a professional musician and audio studio owner, who taught at Berklee College of Music here and has done almost everything in putting out Olenick's demos: assembled, led and arranged for the trios and one singer; produced, engineered and mixed the recordings and whatever. He also plays keyboards and without him and the Internet Olenick feels he'd still be playing for himself.
Olenick was very much involved in the peace and civil rights movements and is a maverick in every sense of the word. He even ran for political office five times on a small, left-wing party's ticket.

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