Loretta Cormier

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Loretta Cormier's decision to launch a singing career arose from her passion for the songs written between 1920 and 1950. On the East Coast, where she lived before moving to San Antonio, she was featured in such notable venues as the One Step Down, Washington, D.C., the 219 Club, Alexandria, VA, the King of France Tavern in the Maryland Inn, Annapolis, MD, and a jazz festival, "Puttin' On the Glitz," Columbia, MD. Loretta studied with prominent jazz vocalists Ronnie Wells of Washington, D.C. and Ethel Ennis of Baltimore. Her primary influences are Lee Wiley, Chris Connor, Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra. With a voice and style akin to the big band singers of the '40s, this jazz-oriented singer leaves no doubt as to her swingability on up-tempo tunes and her ease in conveying tender, heartfelt emotion on romantic ballads. Experience her impeccable taste in choice of songs, pureness of tone, and perfect diction when you listen to "Sing! Went the Strings of My Heart," and "Under A Blanket of Blue," which are receiving national and international air play.

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