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If anything could sum up, or even suggest the "specialness" of Michael Poss' voice and music, it might be an excerpt of the above mentioned music reviews on his debut album, as well as positive reviews garnered from his past live performances. Born on the Southwest side of Chicago into a musical family, Michael Poss (sounds like Ross), and his three older brothers all played various musical instruments. MICHAEL reflects, "Everything had an impact on me as I was growing up in Chicago; Carole King, The Beatles. The Association, The Rascals, The Carpenters, and the sounds of Motown inspired and convinced me to do it myself."

He moved to L.A. in 1985 and appeared on numerous soap operas and TV sitcoms, and performs at top clubs like The Gardenia, and The Cinegrill. In 1992, Michael recorded and released a self produced CD single entitled "Christmas in Chicago", to all the local radio stations in his hometown. Several radio stations were besieged by requests for the tune, which eventually caught the attention of Westwood One, one of the largest national radio satellite networks. The song is broadcast annually to over 300 radio station affiliates for the holidays in the USA.

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