Nancy Tierney

Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Nancy began singing before she could talk. In high school, she received a scholarship to study opera in college, but quickely discovered the classical world wasn't for her ("...recital hall type atmosphere where the singer comes out on stage, stands stiff as a board, sings her songs then leaves. Boring!"). After completing her college education, Nancy stopped singing completely for 18 years. Then she attended a cabaret performance by Andrea Marcovicci. Suddenly, she felt as if she had just been given permission to perform in a way she had always wanted to -- with a lot of audience contact, singing songs she felt passionate about, and just sharing in a simple yet profound way her love of music. With her fortieth birthday looming before her, she gave a concert inviting 150 of her closest friends. Performing songs she had never gotten to sing in her classical training, Nancy realized that this was for her. Since then, she's been appearing at benefits and black tie affairs throught Sonoma County as well as in dinner cabaret in Santa Rosa.

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