Ritt Henn

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A singer/songwriter, Ritt began playing the bass in the fifth grade when they were looking for somebody tall to play the upright in the school orchestra. Ever since then, the bass has never been far from his side. He's toured with Buddy Rich, opened for Soupy Sales, appeared with Chuck Berry at The Greek Theatre, and twice appeared in "A Holiday Cabaret" at The Alex Theatre. He's even coached Adrienne Barbeau on her cowbell technique and portrayed an alien basoonist on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." (Hey! Ya gotta pay the bills!). But what's really neat about Ritt are the "clever and tuneful" songs he writes and sings while accompanying himself on the bass. "Ritt's tongue is lodged somewhere between his cheek and his bass strings. Vaudeville lives!"--Ron Garant, Bassics Magazine. For more, drop on by his website.

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