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CURRENT COMPANY is a collective of artists that address strong human connection through the performing arts. Our mission is grounded in five basic elements: Current, Community, Charity, Compass, Core.

CURRENT - Exploring old and new texts, we address themes that are relevant to today's audience.

COMMUNITY - Strengthening the impact of performance, we cultivate relationships within artistic communities and between the artist and their audience.

CHARITY – Contributing to charitable organizations, we establish relationships between our performances and a given charity’s focus. In turn, we provide our audience direct access to the charitable cause.

COMPASS - Presenting a season inclusive of all performance mediums, we perform a minimum three-show season in which equal emphasis is given to music, movement, and language.

CORE – Connecting to our audience, we work to gather a strong core of theater-goers who support our artists in all their endeavors and therefore enter into a more intimate relationship with the artistic process, the subjects addressed in our shows, and those who bring it all to life.

Known events for Current Company:
01-Oct-2005 - Duplex
03-Oct-2005 - Duplex
08-Oct-2005 -
10-Oct-2005 -
14-Oct-2005 -
15-Oct-2005 -

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