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Sonny and Perley, a tight jazz duo with a richly varied musical turf."
The Hartford Courant

"Compelling. A wonderful example of Jazz and Bossa Nova at its finest."
The Bennington Banner

The exciting duo of Sonny Daye and Perley Rousseau achieves a rare musical symbiosis. The husband and wife team have spent the last several years developing and perfecting their unique blend of Jazz, Brazilian, American Songbook Standards, and International Cabaret which has become their musical signature. They engagingly perform the timeless standards of the Great American Songbook such as Berlin, Gershwin and Porter as well as the irresistible Brazilian melodies of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Sonny and Perley perform as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet for concerts, festivals, theme shows, intimate cabaret, restaurants, nightclubs and private events.
Their three CD releases "Love Dance" 1996, "East of the Sun" 1999 and "Let It Happen" 2004, have generated international air play and received critical acclaim. It is in live performance; however, where Sonny and Perley truly shine. Throughout New York, New England and in Europe, the duo has captivated audiences with their spontaneity, warmth, musical honesty and broad repertoire.

Known events for Sonny & Perley:
26-May-2007 - La Puerta Azul
31-May-2007 - The Stockade Inn
05-Jun-2007 -
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
05-Jun-2007 -
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival
08-Jun-2007 -
The Chatham House
10-Jun-2007 -
The Chatham House
13-Jun-2007 -

17-Jun-2007 -
Gaffney' Restaurant

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