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Linda Merrell was born in Cleveland, Ohio and as a child, moved to Los Angeles, California where she finished her education in music and theater.

At 19, Linda went to New york City and studied with Paul Curtis at the American Mime Theatre.

In 1976 she married, moved to Chicago and then back to L.A. where she retired from perfroming to start a family.

In 1991 she moved her family to Reno, Nevada and once again got involved with theatre and music.

Linda then decided to broaden her music education and in 2004 she went to Knoxville, Tennessee to work with a gifted arranger, Tom Johnson. While studing there she was honored to perform with the great jazz pianist, Donald Brown and sax legend Lance Owens.

In 2005 after returning to Reno, she jumped back into the music scene where she created and hosted the original jazz jam sessions at the 3rd Street Blues club.

One of Linda's goals is to create and maintain opportunities for musicians in the area. Two of those musicians were a remarkable pianist, Peter Supersano, and a jazz bass/trombone player, Phil Jerome, who later on became key parts in the formation of Linda Merrell and "The Notes".

At EJ's Jazz cafe the last 2 elements of the band were added, drummer Dan McGowan and sax player Rocky Tatarelli.

Linda's passions are light jazz, standards and ballads, but she also performs blues, soft rock and Cabaret.

Contact Linda via email at Linda for bookings as a duo, trio, quartet or big band.

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