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In addition to listening to radio, native-New-Yorker Elli Fordyce’s earliest exposure to jazz was when as a teen she watched many on-going live jam sessions played in by her best buddy, then-drummer Bobby (“Darin”) Cossotto, which went on as they surreptitiously cut their Bronx Science H.S. school classes! Soon she was singing with a local dance band, followed by a summer with a jazz trio. Months after a triumphant debut before a thousand-plus other freshmen at UMass in Amherst, Elli chose marriage and a family over singing.

After returning to performing and studying Music Ed, at 30 Elli and fellow-student Randy Fordyce helped form what was her first jazz group. The next 14 years often found her “on-the-road,” plyingand honing her craft. From cruise ships to Playboy Clubs, hotels to restaurants, and in concerts -- in the U.S. as well as surrounding countries and islands – she sang, fronted and emceed. When a year-long tour by jazzy pop quartet “Elli Fordyce And Her Favorite Things” ended in tragedy, she decided to focuse dedicately on needed physical and spiritual healing.

15 years later, Elli finally returned to her first love -- singing -- and soon found renowned jazz educator/pianist Barry Harris, whose jazz-vocal workshops put her squarely on track making inevitable a return to performing. She has since sung a lot in the NY-Metro area, including in a Town Hall Cabaret Convention and many clubs and restaurants, meanwhile getting training in on-camera acting, performance, voice, and music theory and improv. Her first CD still in-progress, Elli currently acts in films and on TV (has co-hosted a local show), was in “Guys and Dolls” off-Broadway, coaches privately and much more. As she says, “It’s never too late!”

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