Mark Marlowe

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A London Based Singer, pianist, humourist, raconteur and moocher sans pareil, Mark Marlowe combines zany verbal and physical humour with tasteful music interludes in his frequent performance excursions.

Having enjoyed a glittering career as 'straight' actor, Marlowe is now delighting audiences as a 'bent' comic - one that doesn't tell jokes. Instead, witty songs, outlandish anecdotes and farcical meanderings are the order of the day as Marlowe recounts events from his action packed and distinguished imaginary career.

Hark with Marlowe as he delights crowds with his tall tales of exploits from Reigate to Rome, Persia to Peterborough.
Along the way such song hits rear their ugly heads [again]. Classics such as: 'I Can't Sing!', 'I Like You Too much to Go and Fall in Love', and 'I Ate My Cat for Christmas'.

They don't call him talented and sexy for nothing - about 50 quid usually swings it ...

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