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What will happen tonight, we wonder? It’s a salon, it’s a show, it’s two friends sharing great music and stories. Ward Marston and Rosemary Benson perform songs from their CD, Falling in Love Is Wonderful, and an affluence of anthems to that sublime sensation by Irving Berlin, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Gershwin, Porter, Mancini and more.

CD Reviews for Falling In Love Is Wonderful: Ward Marston – “A truly inventive piano soloist with impeccable timing … his virtuosity, energy and enthusiasm amaze the listener, yet his control of the piano always remains fluid and precise…” Rosemary Benson – “Her soulful attention to lyric, tonality, expression and dynamics are clearly superb.  Close your eyes and Rosemary’s sultry delivery instantly transports you to an elegant, high-end Manhattan cabaret…” – Albuquerque Examiner “Porter, Gershwin, Kern and company haven’t had it so good for many a moon.” – Gretna Music Festival
Whether filling in for Bobby Short at the Café Carlyle, playing at The White House, or leading his dance band, Ward Marston is at home on stage. Ward is also a pioneer in the field of audio restoration, winning two Grammy awards and four prestigious prizes for historic recordings. Rosemary Benson is a singer, actor, and voice-over artist, performing in the U.S., Canada, and Italy. Having entertained private and corporate audiences together for twelve years, Ward and Rosemary are now delighted to share their unique talents with cabaret audiences.

Known events for Rosemary Benson:
09-Oct-2011 - Germano's Trattoria
09-Oct-2011 - Germano's Trattoria
04-Dec-2011 -
The Metropolitan Room

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