Dan Walters

Actor, Singer/Songwriter Dan Walters has apeared in numerous featured roles in television and film--including "CSI: New York", The Sleeper Cell", and the upcoming film, "Chronicles". Walters also appeared briefly as George Anderson in Cine-Paris’ “Dairy 007” cable television series. An experienced and much sought after hand model, Walters' hands have appeared in several recent national commercials including iPOD Nano, Smirnoff Vodka, Sears, Budlight, Coors Light, Folger's Coffee, and COMP USA. A clever songwriter, Walters has written several original songs, including “On the Brink of the Fall”, and "No!", and is currently planning to record a CD. Walters has appeared as a guest singer at the Cinegrill and the former Atlas Supper Club. Walters was also employed in the local broadcast news industry for a number of years.

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