Elaine St. George

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Time Out NY described Ms. St. George’s voice as “a creamy, thrilling soprano startlingly akin to that of the superb Barbara Cook.” New York magazine dubbed her a “showstopping lesbian songstress.” WVOX’s John Koroly said she was “something exceptional...her anecdotal patter is sharp, well-written, and serves each song smartly.”

Offstage, Ms. St. George is a writer. “My ‘day job’ took a hit when the economy crumbled,” she said, “so I started looking for work, like tens of thousands of other people in the New York area. And I realized that in many ways, looking for a job is just like dating and looking for love.”

“Times may be tough, but we can still have fun – and help each other out along the way,” Ms. St. George said, explaining why she’s asking her audiences to give to the Food Bank For New York City instead of paying a cover charge for her show. “The Food Bank For New York City supports the ‘working poor,’ people who’ve exhausted their benefits or who just can’t make ends meet,” she says. “These days, there are too many people who fit that description.” The Food Bank provides the food for over 200,000 meals every day to New Yorkers in need through more than 1,000 nonprofit community programs. (For more information, see www.foodforsurvival.org)

“Nearly one in five New Yorkers doesn’t have enough to eat,” said Lucy Cabrera, Ph. D., President and CEO of the Food Bank For New York City. “We’re pleased that Elaine St. George is focusing attention on this situation, using her cabaret show to raise awareness and donations.”

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